We believe in treating our clients like family and work to understand their emotional and physical needs.

“I’ve been coming to Kevin for a year now. Prior to that I was going to a gym where they wouldn’t really work with me because of my age.  Being in my 50s I have more needs than a lot of people at the gym. I also have a bad back.  Kevin is a great personal trainer and is great with working with me and customizing a routine that compensated for my age and my back and helped me push myself a little bit more.”

– Kurt

“I have some limitations due to lupus related medical issues that make exercise difficult. But after training with Kevin and using the Flex Revolution Program for over a year, I feel like I can stay actively fit and progress in the program, even with my limited energy and mobility.  With Kevin, I get a workout suited to my energy level and a personal trainer program designed to meet consistent long-term fitness goals.”

– Ammine

“I have a replacement hip. 2 years ago, before I started working hard with my personal trainer, Kevin, I had a very distinct limp.  I have been able to stretch my leg out and get my leg strong enough so that I don’t limp anymore. In fact, now I can actually run. I can sprint for short distances, which is pretty good at 67.. I think that is a remarkable accomplishment.  A lot of what Kevin does is get me to work just as hard as I can but not exhaust me or allow me to get injured.

I’m just delighted with the results.”

– Bob

“It’s hard to describe how great Coach Kevin is to workout with. He is so motivating and recognizes that everyone is unique in their capabilities and their strengths. Kevin knows so many ways to adapt exercises and fitness plans so you’re never bored with the same old routines. He also invites all of us to bring in ideas and then explains why the exercise is beneficial or how it needs to be adapted to be more workable. Kevin’s personality is irrepressible and he’s happy to share that energy with you to keep you motivated if it’s a down day or you just don’t feel like working out. You won’t feel that way for long because even though it’s hard work, he makes it enjoyable and puts you with other exercise partners to bring you up and share your misery. Everyone contributes and he’s the master ringleader of fitness. That’s what makes him the best.”

– Melodie

“Kevin is a fantastic trainer that really cares about his clients.  I hadn’t been in a gym in months and Kevin always has me going to my next 10.  That’s been really helpful, especially when moving! He has tons of classes and one on one training too.”

– Cheryl