A highly focused attentive process where your trainer customizes your workouts to fit your exact individual needs and gives 100% of his attention to your every move as you exercise, allowing you to reach your ultimate fitness levels and avoid injury at the same time. Your trainer adjusts posture, positioning, weights, exercises, and repetitions to fit your ever-changing state.

We identify and address the specific limitations and injuries of our clients. We believe a happy, positive environment where the trainer is empathetic and caring is invaluable to any recovery. Using a full complement of strategies – stretching, lengthening muscles, increasing mobility and balance, myofascial release, and confidence-building, we revitalize our clients who struggle with limitations.


We train groups with our own equipment at any location. We have set classes, or choose a location (house, park, rec room, beach) to have a custom "bootcamp." This is a great option for clients who want to workout with others and/or want a more affordable way to train.




Bring the revolution to your workplace with a customized fitness and wellness approach that includes nutrition, executive personal training sessions, and group classes.



Flex Revolution fitness and personal training is about pushing you to the limit without going over the limit.  With customized, fun programs, we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

At Flex Revolution personal training we believe in treating our clients like partners in the process, and work to understand their emotional and physical needs. Flex Revolution Fitness and Personal Training is about pushing you to the limit without going over the limit.  We use a combination of specially designed training strategies to help eliminate the possibility of injury as you pursue your fitness goals.

With over 12 years of professional training experience, personal trainer and fitness consultant, Kevin McDowell, brings his uniquely effective combination of skills and strategies to your fitness regimen. He has studied and developed the most helpful techniques to get clients who have never trained before, or have been unable to work out due to injuries, to be able to reset their bodies and get started on the path to more flexibility, strength, energy, and overall health.


It’s hard to describe how great Coach Kevin is to workout with. He is so motivating and recognizes that everyone is unique in their capabilities and their strengths. Kevin knows so many ways to adapt exercises and fitness plans so you’re never bored with the same old routines.


I have some limitations due to lupus-related medical issues that make exercise difficult. But after training with Kevin and using the Flex Revolution Program for over a year, I feel like I can stay actively fit.  I get a workout suited to my energy level and a program designed to meet consistent long-term fitness goals.  


I’ve been coming to Kevin for a year now. Prior to that I was going to a gym where they wouldn’t really work with me because of my age. Being in my 50s I have more needs than a lot of people at the gym. I also have a bad back. Kevin customized a fitness routine that compensated for my age and my back and helped me push myself more.