REBUILD YOUR BODY, REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR LIFE.  At Flex, we have designed a versatile, yet systematic program that gets amazing results.  It gets you on a path to more flexibility, strength, energy, and overall health.

At Flex Revolution, we create Personal Training Programs designed to work within your limitations  –  we take you from where you are to where you want to be.

With 10 years of professional training experience, Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant, Kevin McDowell brings his uniquely effective combination of skills and strategies to your fitness revolution. He has studied and developed the most helpful techniques to get clients who have never worked out before or have been unable to work out due to injuries to be able to reset their bodies and get started on the path to more flexibility, strength, energy, and overall health.

As Kevin developed his Flex Revolution approach, he developed a versatile, yet systematic program that gets amazing results!  He begins with a comprehensive assessment of his clients’ needs, desires, and goals.  Together, he and his clients design the best schedule of private, small group, gym, and outdoor training classes on a monthly basis. The Flex Revolution approach also includes excellent nutritional counseling tailored to the likes, dislikes, allergies, and goals of each client.  In addition, Kevin does comprehensive quarterly assessments where he re-evaluates weight, measurements, body fat percentage and other meters to determine intermediate success and make any new adjustments to the client’s individual program.

The Flex Revolution program that Kevin McDowell honed over the last 10 years emphasizes accessibility to clients, flexibility in meeting client needs, and the ability to keep clients motivated, energized, and feeling positive about their ongoing fitness revolution.

Some of our services include:

State-of-the-art gym facility
One-on-one personal training
Small group classes
Outdoor training
Mobile on-site training – we come to you!
Recovery and corrective training for illness or injury
Nutrition Consultation